"Global Woman Awareness Training And
Children Education Trust!"

Mountain Cleaning

Aurunachala Projects is to return our glorious mountain arunachala to its pristine state free of unwanted waste that has been left behind by many visitors that frequent its heights.

Children Home

Gwt (Global watch Trust) is sponsoring 31 children ( 4 boys including a physically challenged one and 27 girls) who are either completely or partially orphans.

Road Safety Awareness

A study says that every year about thousands of human deaths are occurred due to road accidents. This emphasizes the need of awareness about the traffic rules.

Photos & Videos

Global Watche Trust!

                          Based in Thiruvannamalai South India, the Global Watch Trust was founded to help local women and children through education and training.Plastic disposal is the main focus of this creative organization. In fact we are working towards a PLASTIC FREE ARUNACHALA. Our goal is to clean up Thiruvannamalai both of solid waste and noise pollution. With a strong focus on education we are working with the community to promote awareness and responsibility in these matters. Educating women and children in computers, women’s rights and environmental well being is vital   to  our success. Helping people to help themselves. Working to clean up the holy city of Arunachala is the commitment of the Trust. Global Watch Trust or WATCHE is an organization dedicated to bringing about a positive change both locally and in the world.