"Global Woman Awareness Training And
Children Education Trust"


Mountain Cleaning

The objective of the protect Aurunachala Projects is to return our glorious mountain arunachala to its pristine state free of unwanted waste that has been left behind by many visitors that frequent its heights..

The objective of the protect Aurunachala Projects is to return our glorious mountain arunachala to its pristine state free of unwanted waste that has been left behind by many visitors that frequent its heights. Currently it is common practice to simply discard any packaging that is brought onto the mountain by the people who visit and much of this waste is non-biodegradable.

Global watch Trust Children Home

Gwt (Global watch Trust) is sponsoring 31 children ( 4 boys including a physically challenged one and 27 girls) who are either completely or partially orphans. Each and every child in our home has had a terrible past. These children were from various remote villages of tiruvannamalai.

Gwt came to know their struggling life through various sources, friends and relatives and undertook special study about their family situation decided to sponsor them Our Orphanage Home Located at Thokkavadi village near chengam at the distance of about 28kms from Tiruvannamalai.



Tree plantation and Nursery Scheme

With the greatest help of amaidhee trust, our volunteers and related NGO heads we planted trees not only in tiruvannamalai also in rural areas. Also we emphasized the importance of planting trees.

The resources talked about the importance of tree plantation in the city to control the public realized the importance of this programme and found useful. And also we started a small nursery named “AMMA APPA “Nursery in pradakshina road for demonstration to the public .we supply to the needy free of cost.

Technical Training education

Self-help is the best help. So in order to provide opportunity for the nearby jobless youth to learn carpentry skills,GWT organized a technical training Education programme with the co –operation with local electricians  

and carpanters classes to our volunteers and jobless youth in and around Tiruvannamalai Dit. Those who passed the training camp with maximum marks were promised job in various offices here in tiruvannamalai itself. More than 12 persons were provided job through this camp this year ,coming year our level will be increased to 50 people.



Road safety Awareness

A study says that every year about thousands of human deaths are occurred due to road accidents. This emphasizes the need of awareness about the traffic rules.these problems are created. GWT in co-operation with local Driving School

conducted Road safety awareness Programme to create awareness about the tariff rules and regulations. GWT organized this camp with great enthusiasm and benefited .we have conducted complete awareness programme in road safety among the local taxi drivers and given a guide book for them about the road safety rules and procedures to follow to avoid accidents in road.

Arunachala Sports Academy

The role of academy is to prepare men and women for careers in the profession of sports.in order to support youth boys and girls who is need of strong knowledge in sports.

With an intension to bring the hope for children in sports. Sports is the best knowledge of life, brings fitness and prosperity to life. Instead of ignoring the knowledge of sports and fitness we provide the necessity in every aspect and bring the best to students of all kinds.With an intension to provide the “free sports “to all children of Tiruvannamalai mostly every child here in india has to face many problems in order to live a normal life especially not knowing what their knowledge.



Health Education Camp

GWT conducts regular health education camp to provide awareness about the health and sanitary measures to the public.GWT aims to reduce the contamination of various harmful harmful disease casusing germs.

. Though proper preventive measures speeding of contagious such cholera ,thyphoid,dengue,malaria,viral dear, chicken pox can be controlled. These mainly spread through contaminated air and water.


Legal Aid Awareness

Gwt is keen on helping the downtrodden people and economically backward public to get legal advice to solve their personal disputes. These people have otherwise to spend thousands of money in order to get legal aids form any private advocate.

GWT Feel that it is necessary for the people to be aware of their constitutional rights and duties.so we organize several legal aid awareness programmes in periodical manner to fulfil this cause for the remote ,illiterate and downtrodden public.



Environmental Awareness

Gwt is undertaking environmental awareness programme under the name Green Glory Project”. Planting  tree saplings all over the district of tiruvannamalai is the aim of this project.

Location of this project are the villages in and around tiruvannamalai districts suchasathiyandhalanaipriranthan,kaveriampoondi,kilpennathur,pavhal,thokkavadi

,thandarampattu,perumbakkam,poulr,kalasapakkam ect.,.General public is the beneficiary group of this project. The community with lots of trees around will give cleaner air and austere atmosphere.


Women Training

The global watch Trust is undertaking women training programme since its formation.the main objective of this projects is to develop the handicraft skills of downtrodden and backward women especially widows in and around tiruvannamalai.

GWT rented a separate house nearby its registered office at ramana nagar tiruvannamalai,for this ambitious programme. This house provides good space for working and also serves the project office. The ladies working in these projects it taking care of the house .



School Sponsorship

Gwt is supporting students who are very much interested in studies but their parents are unable provide school fees for them.so we identified some of them and decided to sponsor for their studies

GWT is carrying out its school sponsorship programme at a middle school named “Deepa matriculation school” it’s located at kilnathur road, thiruvannamalai .it is an English medium school educating more than 300 children.


Summer Coaching Classes:

On behalf of Global Watche Trust (GWT), free Summer Coaching Classes has been initiated by Dr. V. S. Sathyan, Founder, GWT, Mr. Thiruavukkarasu, Trustee, GWT at GWT Campus.

Summer Coaching Classes have been conducted in the month of May 2014. The surrounding village students participated in these courses.








Tree Plantation Function

Tree plantation function has been conducted on 20.10.2014 by .5.30 p.m. at GWT campus . The function has been organized to create awareness among children in GWT.

. Mrs. Umayal, Dist. Social Welfare Officer, T.V. Malai has lead the function. Dr. V.S. Sathyan, Founder, Dr. V.S. Sathyan, Founder, GWT, insisted about the need and importance of trees among children. Children have been triggered on social welfare by this function. In coming years 12 schools are selected from the surrounding areas and 500 saplings to be planted and a sapling issue for each student studying in the schools.At the end of the year the planted sapling are checked and prize distributed for the students who maintained well grown plant.

Medical Camp

Medical Camp had been conducted at GWT campus on 22.02.2015. GWT and Anthony Hospital, T. V. Malai organized. Mr. Thirunavukkarasu, Trustee, GWT has lighted kuthuvilakku and inaugurated the camp.   

The surrounding village residents have been much benefit by this camp In this camp, special treatment has been given elderly people and diabetics patients. Irrespective of age, all age group of people have been benefited by this camp. As a key point, all of the beneficiaries body weight has been measured food habits and exercises were advised accordingly.GWT and Anthony hospital have given free treatment and medicines to all the beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries of this camp have mentioned that this camp was of great useful to them.



Function of Providing Free Computer and Printer

On behalf of GWT, computer and printer have been donated to the High School, Vediappanur Village on 13.04.2015. The Head Master, Govt High School led the function.

The Founder and Staff members, GWT were invited as the special guests.Dr. V.S. Sathyan, Founder, GWT mentioned at his speech that the free computer has been provided for the development of rural students and the school.Mr. Narayanan. A, Teacher, High School, Vediappanur Village mentioned at his thanks giving speech that all the practices of school will get improved by use of computer. He also mentioned that this will help for the development of school. 

Skill Development Programme for Nurses

“One day seminar for Village Nurse on Skill Development Programme” was conducted by Child Protect Committee, Tiruvannamalai on 7th March 2015.

Dr. V.S. Sathyan, Founder, GWT was Chief Guest for the Seminar and he explained the Nurses the way to approach the patient and how to get rid stress.. All the Nurses from Tiruvannamalai district participated and benefited in the seminar.